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Slate Roof Repair

Over the decades, John Asch Roofing has serviced and repaired hundreds of Slate Roof and Built-in GuttersA Slate Roof has a distinct look and charm that most homeowners do not wish to give up. Most homeowners call us to repair their slate roof after a leak has been discovered or there are some missing slates. Many of these leaks go unnoticed until rotting wood is detected, or mold starts to appear.

The best way to avoid this and other problems is through an annual inspection:

  • Replace missing slates
  • Tighten loose slates
  • Seal cracked slates
  • Tar and place fabric around chimney base
  • Seal along ridges
  • Install emulsion in Yankee Gutters & Valleys
  • Advise as to the condition of the roof

I am very proud to be in the contracting business, roofing in particular. I love what I do, I like having my name on my truck 25 feet long. My company accomplishes great work and we aspire to be the best at what we do. I believe that we are a homeowner’s best choice in this line of work. I have achieved my reputation in part, by offering three things other contractors do not:

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