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New Jersey Roof Snow and Ice Removal

It is important and safe to hire a professional to remove the snow and ice from your roof, and not do this yourself. Asch Roofing provides the right experience and tools to take care of the ice and snow on your roof in New Jersey. We’ve been doing this for over 60 years and three generations of family ownership. This also keeps you safe from the danger of being hurt under dangerous conditions such as ice, wind and other things that can cause slipping and falling. You could also do damage to your shingles and gutters if you aren’t experienced at removing snow and ice from a roof.

Why Should You Should Remove Snow and Ice from Your Roof

It is essential to keep snow off your roof to prevent the formation of ice dams. Ice dams cannot form without snow on your roof. Cracks and seams can be created because of weeks of snow and ice pressure that can damage shingles and allow water to enter your home.

It is also important to remove snow from your roof because it can easily reach thousands of pounds. Although roofs are built to hold a substantial amount of weight, the stress can cause the danger of collapsing the roof and supporting structure.

Asch Roofing has been installing and servicing roofs New Jersey for over 60 years. We are here to help you remove the snow and ice from your roof when you need us. Call us at (732) 238-9917 today.

I am very proud to be in the contracting business, roofing in particular. I love what I do, I like having my name on my truck 25 feet long. My company accomplishes great work and we aspire to be the best at what we do. I believe that we are a homeowner’s best choice in this line of work. I have achieved my reputation in part, by offering three things other contractors do not:

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