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About Our Roof Installation and Repair Company in New Jersey

A Message from John Asch, Owner

I am very proud to be in the contracting business, roofing in particular. I love what I do, I like having my name on my truck 25 feet long. My company accomplishes great work and we aspire to be the best at what we do. I believe that we are a homeowner’s best choice in this line of work. I have achieved my reputation in part, by offering three things other contractors do not:

One of the largest problems I run into is that most homeowners simply do not have the time to make a correct decision. I try to supply the owner with all of the information they would need to make an intelligent choice regarding their roofing project. A well installed roof should last 40 to 50 years – it is an investment, and making the right choice is paramount. Homeowners are often in a rush and do not even have the approximate twenty minutes it takes for me to explain all the details. As a result, many people will hire roofers that do less than a professional job – and consequently will end up having problems, now and down the road.

New Roof Installation and Repair in NJ

People should do their homework, take notes, obtain information and quotations from other roofers and make the right choice. Do not let the decision be based solely on the lowest price. There are complete houses you can buy for $30,000, a brand new 2008 Chevy car is $10,900, and you can eat every day dinner at McDonalds for under $5. So, why don’t you live in a $30,000 house? Because you know you get what you pay for. If you look only for the lowest price in a roof, you are going to have problems down the road.

We do not offer the lowest price – we never have. If you want actual high-quality service, a crew that speaks English, a product completed by people who are proud of their work – speak to me, John Asch personally and find out why we are without doubt, the top roofing contractors.

When John Asch Contracting was started in 1955, times were different. There were no computers, no cell phones, no answering machines and no fax machines. Building inspectors were almost non-existent. Homeowners had to rely on contractors who were honest and professional. It seems that over the decades more and more people become contractors with little or no training. These ‘contractors’ do not seem to care what they do, as long as money is being made from the general public. Unsuspecting homeowners are ending up in the courts by the thousands – merely trying to get the hired contractors to honor the agreement and complete the job as it should be.

The old fashioned work ethic has been mostly forgotten but, not by me.

John Asch