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New Jersey Wood Clapboard Siding Installation and Repair Experts

Wood Siding Installation

Wood siding installation and repair specialistsThere are dozens of different types of siding that can be used to cover the outside walls of your home in New Jersey. No siding is perfect. They all have pros and cons. Wood siding is the oldest siding material in the United States because of the abundant supply here naturally. It is one of the more expensive sidings. Here are some of the advantages to wood siding:

  • It is naturally beautiful
  • It is nontoxic
  • It is easy to work with
  • It is a natural insulator
  • It can last the life of the home if maintained
  • It can be sourced from sustainable harvest wood (Eco-friendly)

Normally it is made of cedar, and sometimes called cedar clapboard siding. Sometimes it can be made of a different type of wood. Cedar is a great wood to use. It decays much slower them most other woods. Insects do not like it as much. Clapboard siding is almost always painted, or sometimes stained. In a perfect world, where everything is installed perfectly, there would be very few problems with this type of siding. Some disadvantages are it requires regular maintenance, can grow mold and can be less fire resistant. 

Wood Siding Repairs

Wood clapboard siding repairs in NJWe are called upon often to fix problems with clapboard siding. This is typically due to bad installation. Here are some of the usual problems we repair:

  • Leaks from water running thru or under the siding
  • Bad flashings
  • Animal issues
  • Nearby roof issues

Whatever the reason we fix them. If necessary, we also fix the rotted framing and sheathing underneath the clapboard siding. When everything with your siding is correct, it makes for a great looking home.

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Wood siding repairs and installation in New Jersey

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