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NJ Roofing Testimonial

May 11, 2009

Dear John,

I am writing this letter to highly recommend the roofing services of John Asch Contracting and Roofing. John and his employees are very professional and courteous, began and finished the job on time and did terrific work. And our roof was a very complicated job.

Our home was built in 1909 and had the original built-in (Yankee) gutters. The roof itself is also very complex, consisting of multiple pitches and angles. They worked on the roof one section at a time so that by the end of each day no section of the roof was exposed to the elements. On each section they first removed the shingles and the old gutter system. Second, they rebuilt the section of the roof that had the built in gutters by extending the roof at the same pitch to match the existing roof line. This second aspect is very difficult to do correctly. A simple drive around Highland Park will show dozens of roofs with Yankee gutters removed and pitches that do not match the rest of the roof (and they look bad). But after John's work our roof is seamless and does not look rehabbed. Third, they repapered and shingled the roof. Again they did this every day, taking one section at a time so that the roof was never exposed overnight. This is also atypical; most roofers remove the entire roof and then reroof on a clean slate. This is easier and cheaper for the roofer but not as good for the homeowner, particular if we get an unexpected rainfall!

They also did really nice work installing new gutters and re-crowning our chimney. Both of these were completed quickly and professionally as well. During gutter and downspout installation, we were able to offer input on the direction of downspout outflow, which is very important for ensuring that rainwater is directed away from the foundation. Many roofer/gutter companies do not accept homeowner input like this, but John Asch was very receptive.

A final important aspect that homeowners may not think about when they hire a roofer is cleanup and general tidiness of the worksite. We have a small child and I didn't think about the implications of having the roof refinished for her outdoor play areas. It could have been a disaster with any other roofer, but John and his staff caught every stray nail and every piece of shingle and siding. They cleaned up every day and after completing the job, I could not find one piece of debris.

In short, I do not hesitate to recommend the services of John Ass Contracting and Roofing. He and his crew are very reliable, professional and courteous. They do great work and they back it up with a very solid guarantee. I will definitely use them again in the future should I have any roofing needs.

Trevor Birkenholtz
Highland Park, NJ

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