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NJ Roofing Testimonial

September 2, 2014

Dear John Asch,

I had been researching for a roofer. I had 3 companies come to my house and have an estimate done. I called these three based on personal references or web reviews. I hired John Asch Roofing to do the job. When I first met John he explained the job thoroughly. It did not bother him that he was explaining it to a woman, especially since I probably know more about the "construction" industry than my husband. That really should not matter, but to me it did, since others asked to speak to my husband.

I had a total rip off of two layers of roof and wanted the detached garage done as well. John had called to schedule an estimate. He arrived promptly as he scheduled and was very courteous to me. I hired John to do the roof job. We signed a contract and had an estimated date at the end of the month. I told him if he could do it earlier the better, but this is always weather permitting. He called about two weeks before the date and stated he could get to me that week, which ended up being 10 days early.

The company and people he has employed for him, I cannot say enough good things about them. Let me start with the day before, John called me and told me to have the driveway cleared for the dumpster and materials. The person who delivered the dumpster and materials was great, tight fitting street, cars parked all over, he was so professional and a terrific driver. The next morning a crew of five showed up to start. I was amazed at how fast and how hard these men work. They knocked this job off in a day, both house and detached garage.

I really am so happy with the workmanship of it all. They did a wonder installation job, but an even better cleanup job.

Laura Zalewski
Monroe, NJ

*UPDATE: December 5, 2014

John Asch Roofing had originally replaced my roof this past summer. I saw something that did not look normal on the roof last night. I called him and he cam to my house today. In my older home there are tongue and groove boards under the shingles and some bent upwards. They repaired the problem 1-2-3. I can't believe the quick response and still that pleasant attitude from the company.

John, I just wanted to extend my thankfulness. Sometimes words can't capture what we really mean. You really are an extraordinary business man and have a great crew that works with you. Happy Holidays to you and all your workers.

Thank You,

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