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Parlin, NJ Roof Replacement Testimonial

July 3, 2019

I knew I was soon going to be in the market for a new roof for my 47-year old house but had no clue what roofing company to use. The roofer my parents used had long retired, so I was starting at square one in August 2018.

My first estimate wasn’t even planned, it was a door-to-door knocking from a very well-known New Jersey company. The estimate was over 2 hours long. the sales guy went into my attic, took all these pictures, issued dire warnings, but never even looked at my roof. The initial price I was quoted was $24,000 using GAF roof materials. Then he lowered it twice through pressure sales tactics. When he left he was at $21,000. A week later he called me saying they could do it for $19,000. I told him if you’re such a good company then why the games? Give me your best price first. The fact they went down $5,000, which is a lot of money to me, makes me unable to ever trust a company.

My second estimate was another well-known national company. Their sales guy asked me if I got an estimate from the company discussed above. When I told him yes, he said: “We will beat their quote by a lot”. Yeah, he sure did - with another high quote! He quoted me $13,000 also using GAF roofing materials. But with the financing options of their Credit Card, I was seriously leaning toward using them. But something told me to get another estimate from a smaller local company - and I’m glad I did.

When Asch Roofing came out for my estimate, it was zero-pressure. His son looked at my roof and told me it was still in good shape and could last 3-5 more years! When I got their estimate of $8,997, I was shocked! They too were using GAF roof material just like the first two companies, but Asch Roofing took it even further with an additional 20-year guarantee on labor and material! The other two companies were going to charge me way more and not guarantee their work past a few months!

Finally, in May 2019 we decided not to wait and get the roof done, Asch Roofing stood by their estimate that they gave me 9-months earlier - even though prices of roof materials had increased. Now that is integrity! John Asch and his office staff were pleasant and easy to deal with. When they said no money is due until a week or two after completion, I knew I was making the right choice.

The day of the job, June 25, 2019, was simply amazing! From tear down of 2-layers, through the install of the new roof and chimney flashing right up to the "cleaner" who came by after all workers left to do a thorough final clean up and check for any nails on the entire property, I couldn't have been happier. John must have called me four times during the job to personally check-in and his son came by several times to check on me and the foreman. I worked in retail for 10 years and John understands customer service. I recommend Asch Roofing without any hesitation.

Kevin A. Bloom,
Parlin, NJ 08859
July 3, 2019

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