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NJ Exterior House Painting

Highland Park, NJ

Most painting jobs don't last very long because the contractors don't scrape, use one coat of primer, then spray gun the final coat. Not following these steps means your lovely new exterior paint won't last very long. As you follow the photos below you can see the following:

  1. Scrape entire house & garage as needed.
  2. Heat gun layers of old paint near the front entrance area.
  3. Replace rotted and missing clapboard and cedar shakes.
  4. Two coats of primer installed with brushes. looking at the garage, you can see first photo with one coat, second photo with two coats of primer.
  5. Close up of corner showing caulk installed to close all gaps before priming.
  6. Some of the finished work installed with brushes, not spray guns.

After using the heat gun you can see how many decades of old paint is removed to expose most of the original wood clapboard. Then after installing two good coats of Zinsser primer and a finish coat of Benjamin Moore exterior house paint, installed with a brush, not spray gun, new paint job will turn out great.

Many areas of this house had rotted or missing cedar woodshake or clapboard. We replaced it all before we primed. You can really see the difference in the before and after shots below.

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