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Old Home NJ Roof Repair

Dunellen, NJ

This house was build over 110 years ago. Over the years, the old Yankee gutters were removed and replaced with modern roof shingles and aluminum gutters. The old rotted wood underneath it all was never fixed. I was hired to fix all the rotted wood. Rebuild the soffits/fascia put slates back on the front of house and new dimensional roofing on the 3 sides. We also put in new wood around windows with new step flashing. We put one coat of primer under the soffits just to get the house thru the winter. This spring we will go back to give it a 2nd coat of primer and 2 coats of paint. After that we will install copper ridge roll on the corners and decorative mouldings under the soffits. Not the kind of work every roofer wants, but we are not your average roofer.

Dunellen, NJ Roof Repair

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